Thursday, October 15, 2009

Raya 2009

Salam and hi to all..

Come this year, we are lucky again to be able to contribute to this year raya do. We came up with 2 dishes...

...the Resepi Rahsia Chese cake..
Cheese cake

...and Kek Lapis Cheese specially made with love from Sarawak.
Lapis cheese

Too bad that not all of our batch mate were able to be present. However, she was able to, and I know someone who missed her so much!
an avid akok lover. Too bad that there were no akok served during the meet.

Last year we had Abe Ja's truffles (correct spelling ke). This time around, more people realized the economic importance of truffles. Moreover, strawberries were added to make it visually inviting.

As usual, the rule of thumb in Malaysia is to come half an hour later than the time an event is supposed to begin. In the mean time, members of the department mingled with each other while waiting for invited guests to come.

Some were sitting around at the rattan chair with the lecturers, seemingly very attentive to what is being said. Like a wakil rakyat listening to the people's problems. The poise was very 1Malaysia indeed.

Some were pointing fingers..

Some, not relevant to the occasion, were engrossed in doing discussion on important academic matters.

Then, the all important man came. The HOD, in full Malay attire. He was outstanding from the rest of the crowd. To me, he dressed relevantly to the occasion.

I think he might look some what like Tunku Abdul Rahman in his younger days.

After a brief introduction by Dr Zahir, who was selected impromptu to emcee the open house, the HOD began his informal jovial speech. All stood to attention, clad in their beautiful baju kurungs. You are supposed to look good to your bosses. First impression counts.

Some were hoping that the speech could end faster as the food in front of them were too tempting.

In order to distract their minds from the hunger pangs that begins to rumble in their stomach, some started whipping up their cameras and start shooting to commemorate the occasion.

That includes me.

Food was in abundance. There were so much left overs. Even Abe Ja who came later ate too.

The Nasi Beriani was awesome. Some of the chicken dishes were incredibly delectable.

There were no sights of the fourth years at the moment of reporting.

Just to share, to add colours to this blog post.

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  1. Yup... the food was still plenty when I came at 1350H but I missed the kek from Resipi Rahsia. Never mind, I heard someone wants to treat us at Resipi Rahsia later...Selamat Hari Raya.