Thursday, October 29, 2009

Health Screening Among Primary School Children

Proverb says 'prevention is better than cure'. There are 3 levels of prevention; primary i.e. before the disease occurs, secondary i.e. at early stage with early symptoms, and tertiary i.e. to treat the disease and rehabilitation.

In public health setting, school health program is one of the major program to detect early abnormalities in the children such as physical development abnormalities and to recheck of the immunization received by them.

The district health school team only consists of nurses due to lack of doctors. The nurses will visit all the school to check the students vision and also give immunization if needed and some simple medication such shampoo for lice. The doctor will go later to do a physical examination. All the examination will be recorded in a book.

Sek Kandis..005
The record book (Student Health Record).

Sek Kandis...002
The nurse with students.

During my posting at Bachok District, I've visited some schools to do physical examination on students which could not be done earlier. Students screened are Year 1 (7 years old) and Year 6 (12 years old). Physical examination is done in a classroom and the examination include auscultation of heart and lungs, skin and limbs examination and ears examination. Special attention also given if students have their specific complaints. Dental team will do the dental and oral part.

Sek Kandis...004
Dr Shahril of KK Bachok examines a student.

Sek Kandis...003
Checking the ear.

I found a student with Achondroplasia Dwarfism who has short statue, abnormal small hands and round legs. It is a good time to see children running and mingling each other in the same uniform although they might come from the different social economy status which could be recognized by their appearances when you see them closer.

Sek Kandis...001
Achondroplastic child on the left (I just noticed both have same color of socks!).

To maintain and sustain their health are our responsibilities!

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