Sunday, October 25, 2009

Health Education

Talking about public health, one of the important (or the most important) aspect is prevention. And for prevention, one of the important (or the most important) aspect is health education... I repeat ... health education.

For this purpose, every year, the District Health Office in collaboration with the District Education Office will arrange a series of health talk as a mean of health education to school children, especially for the year 6 pupils after their UPSR or Primary School Assessment Test.

SK Keting21102009__06
The audience....

I was very fortunate to be given opportunity to give a talk to these school children on 21 Oct 09 at Sek Keb Keting, Bachok together with 2 PPKPs (Penolong Pegawai Kesihatan Persekitaran or Assistant Environmental Health Officer), En Azman and En Azmail. The topics given were Smoking, HIV/AIDS and Influenza A (H1N1).

En Azman speaks on smoking and HIV/AIDS

You can imagine how difficult to talk about health to school children, especially on HIV/AIDS when we have to talk about sexual contact etc. The talk on this topic was given by En Azman, and I noticed he only touched on the topic briefly... (he talked on Smoking and HIV/AIDS in merely 30 mins!).

SK Keting21102009__04
The headmaster and his assistant.

Came to my part, I spoke on H1N1 for about 1 hour including quiz time.... Difficult to control children from making noise. However, from the quiz, at least we know whether the message conveyed or not to the audience. For me, if they know how the disease is spreading and how to curb it, it is more than enough.

SK Keting21102009__10
Token of appreciation from the headmaster.

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